Since 1953, companies throughout the Mid-Atlantic region have turned to Maryland Chemical for their industrial chemical needs. Our reputation for quality products, timely deliveries, and technical assistance is our greatest asset.

A fleet of reliable delivery trucks ensures quick service throughout the region. Located just south of Baltimore's Inner Harbor, Maryland Chemical warehouses liquid and dry products in a wide variety of packages to match our customer's needs. Check out our listing of products we carry.

Through our membership in the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) and as a participant in the Responsible Distribution Process®, Maryland Chemical Co. is committed to chemical product stewardship and responsible distribution in every phase of chemical handling, storage, transportation and disposal. Maryland Chemical Co. also holds the Underwriters Laboratories Incorporated® certificate of document compliance verification, which was awarded after an audit of our written policies and procedures. To find out more about our Responsible Distribution Process® or for a copy of our UL® Certificate of Compliance e-mail us at

Our customers are mostly from the Mid-Atlantic region and represent a broad cross section of industry and manufacturing. Some of the businesses, which depend on Maryland Chemical Co. for products and chemicals essential to their operation, are represented below.

Chemical Compounders
Landscapers & Baseball Teams
Aeronautics & Electronics Industries
Paper Manufacturers
Automobile Battery Manufacturers
Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Poultry Industry
Printers & Binders
Building Contractors
Semiconductor Manufacturers
Cleaning Companies
Soft Drink Bottlers
Clothing Manufacturers
Sporting Goods Manufacturers
Steel Producers
Detergent Manufacturers
Swimming pool companies
Environmental Remediation
Wastewater & Water Treatment Facilities
Food Industry
Hospitals Parks & Recreation Centers

Maryland Chemical's in-house staff of experts is your best guarantee against compromise of standards. Maryland Chemical has the full backing of our supplier's laboratories and engineers. Only the top manufacturers have a place in our network. Click here to see our list of suppliers.

Our service is very important to us... If you have any suggestions please feel free to let us know.